Over a long career as a real estate developer in Connecticut, Sy Schwartz consistently employed
imaginative strategies to preserve the natural environment even as he built upon it. He was a
visionary builder, using conservation zoning before it was popular, understanding how to work with
challenging topography, and exploring and implementing alternative energy sources long before
the mass realization of global warming.

Sy consistently explored ideas and approached challenges with a mixture of creativity and practicality.
His insistence on pursuing goals within the context of what is do-able ("the unfortunate reality") didn't
restrict his vision but instead enabled him to achieve greater success in his endeavors, garnering the
respect and admiration of conservationists and developers alike.

Sybil Schwartz was an educator, serving as Director of Admissions first at Walden School and later
at Calhoun School, both in New York City. She was enthusiastic about good food, travel, and especially
all kinds of music. She was the center of her extended family and a grandmother extraordinaire.

In her role as Admissions Director, Sybil was known as an advocate for the child needing a second
chance, for the hardworking family needing financial aid, and for the student who, given the right
environment, would surely rise to his or her potential. She worked with Prep for Prep, an organization
identifying promising students of color and preparing them for admission to independent schools.
She believed passionately in efforts to level the playing field.

The Common Sense Fund's mission serves to honor both Sy and Sybil.

Photo: © Common Sense Fund