The Common Sense Fund promotes action both on the environment and in the arts that
is practical, creative, and addresses social needs.

The Common Sense Fund was incorporated in 1983 through the philanthropic vision of
Seymour Schwartz (Sy). Our environmental mission comes from the example set by Sy
who, during his long career as a real estate developer, understood each project within its
environmental context, and applied creative and practical techniques to preserve the land
and its resources. The Foundation supports environmental change through education,
policy initiatives, promotion of carbon-free energy sources, and stewardship of our natural
resources. Our theory of action is based upon the knowledge that it is necessary to end
our dependence on fossil fuels to decrease the profound impacts of climate change.

Our arts mission honors Sybil Schwartz, whose love of the arts and commitment to
optimizing every child's potential is expressed in our funding of arts programs for under
resourced communities.

Photo: © Noah Fram-Schwartz